Friday, June 29, 2012

Rock and a Hard Place

Plot: Libby's father left her a long time ago to live with her crazy drug addict aunt, and she's still awaiting his return. Then, the biggest band on the planet's lead singer, Peter Jamieson, steps off his tour bus and finds the girl of his dreams...Libby. She's never heard of him or his band, but falls in love him anyways. But, after one of his brothers intrudes on their relationship, everything begins to fall apart.

My Thoughts: Rock and a Hard Place by Angie Stanton is easily one of my favorite books to date. I started reading this book at around 9am in the car during one of me, my mom and sisters' holiday shopping trips. I pulled out my Kindle every chance I got and continued reading this incredible story. By the time we got home I was more than three quarters of the way finished, and it didn't take me long to turn the last page. Libby and Peter are unforgettable characters that make you wish you had a love like theirs. Even through the rough times, they still held on to each other, no matter how much space was in between them. This novel was very enjoyable and pulls on your heartstrings. I definitely recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a rock star love.

What did you think of Rock and a Hard Place? Let me know!

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