Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare

Plot: Ella Marino is perfectly fine with being one of the Invisibles along with her two best friends, Sadie and Frankie, at the Willing School. She's an art major and is forever in love with Edward Willing, an unappreciated 19th century artist, that she is determined to find more about. Her French tutor, Alex Bainbridge just so happens to be the most popular guy at Willing and is also her biggest crush. But their sessions keep getting more interesting than ever. Can Ella and Alex be happy together while keeping their relationship a secret?

My Thoughts: This book started off very slow. And I mean VERY slow. I found myself forcing myself to keep reading and hoped there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. The light, however, never really came. Sure there were a few fun chapters, but it didn't make up for the rest of the book. The characters were believable, but everything they did just drove me insane. Every time I finished a chapter I thought about putting it down and walking away, but I had to finish what I started. Possibly, the only good thing about this book was Frankie. I love when there are gay characters in books, especially when the crack jokes throughout the story. Overall this is not a book I would recommend, but if you want to give it a shot and see if you feel differently, go ahead.

What did you think of "The Fine Art of Truth or Dare"? Let me know!

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