Monday, August 13, 2012

Brightest Kind of Darkness

Plot: Every night Nara Collins dreams about the following day. She tries to avoid using her gift to change fate, but one night she dreams a future she can't ignore. After preventing a bombing at her school, her dreams begin to fade, while the injury rate of students begin to escalate. When she meets the new kid, Ethan Harris, a loner who doesn't seem to care about much of anything, she realizes he's always there when something goes wrong. And as they get closer, Nara begins to learn more about his dark past.

My Thoughts: When I started reading Brightest Kind of Darkness, I was very excited. The storyline was very intriguing and made me interested in what it had to offer. It starts off fast, jumping right into the story without the meaningless chapters you can sometimes get yourself into. As I kept reading, I found myself falling for the characters and was rooting for Ethan and Nara the whole way through. P.T. Michelle has produced a great story that has a lot of promise from the moment you open the first page. The cover itself is beautiful and mysterious an makes you wonder what's inside. This novel is great for anyone that believes love and fight can overcome fate.

What did you think of Brightest Kind of Darkness? Let me know!

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