Sunday, June 30, 2013


Plot: When Katy's mom moves her to West Virginia, the summer before her senior year, she thinks she's in for thick accents, bad internet access, and an overall boring year. Until she meets her hot neighbor next door. She quickly becomes friends with his twin sister, Dee, but Daemon's arrogant and wants nothing to do with Katy. Katy and Dee spend a lot of time together before school starts, but there's something different about her new neighbors. Something alien.

My Thoughts: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout starts off a little slow. But after a few chapters of introduction, you're thrust into the alien world of West Virginia. In the beginning I was right with Katy, hating Daemon. Every time he spoke, I wanted to throw my book at the wall, but as I turned the pages, he got more and more sensitive, and I could tell his real intentions. It was very heart warming to see the protection Daemon had for his sister and how much he was willing to do to keep her safe. I can't wait for the sequel and will definitely be one of the first to pick it up. I can highly recommned this book to anyone who like supernatural action, with a love story on the side.

What did you think of Obsidian? Let me know!

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